Topmount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink, RS-T2020

Model No.: RS-T2020

Overall Size: 20" x 20"

Bowl Size: 17 1/2" x 14 3/4"

Depth: 10"

Product Details

Product Description

 Introduction of Topmount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink, RS-T2020

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Smaller kitchen? Or do you just want a smaller kitchen sink for your bar top? Any small counter would benefit from RS-T2020. It has the perfect size to function as your main kitchen sink, like fitting dishes and pots and pan. The dimension and shape maximizes the space to the fullest. Smaller sinks also has better noise control system. It can easily minimize annoying clutters and bumps. This sink is evenly and fully coated to prevent condensation during harsh whether conditions. 

RS-T2020 stainless steel sink is also suitable for commercial properties. It is made from commercial quality which can withstand extra usage and abuse. With its perfect dimension, the sink is designed for optimal drainage. It drains water faster and fully compared to other sinks in the market. A perfect sink for long term and constant usage.

 Specifications of Topmount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink, RS-T2020

Model No                     



Handmade Sink , 10mm or 15mm Radius                                                                                   

Overall Size

20’’ x 20’’

Bowl Size

17 1/2 " x 14 3/4"




SUS 304


16 Gauge, 18 Gauge







Stainless steel sinks made in Malaysia has NO ANTI-DUMPING DUTY as well as NO EXTRA TARIFFS.



 Details of Topmount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink, RS-T2020

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Handmade Sink Packing 

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About Symbolsink  

   Leading Supplier of Stainless Steel Sink

Symbolsink’s main goal is to satisfy not only our clients but their clients as well. What makes us unique is our belief that our customer is our business partner. Any success and failure of their business reflects on us. This makes us put extra care and attention to the products that we deliver. From raw materials, to the design, to the production, to marking, to packaging, til loading; our team make sure that all aspects of the products are perfect. It is not just about the sales, but it is about long term relationship with our clients. 

We put ourselves in their place and make sure that we give them the best and the most cost effective products and services. After more than a decade of dealing with North American Market, our company have grown with it and have developed to meet its demands. 



1.  Can other products or accessories be packed with the sink?

The packaging of the sink would depend on your specification. Our team just need to make sure that all the products will arrive to you safely and without any damage. Therefore, we have to consider all the risks that the packaging would have and alter it accordingly. Don’t worry, before the sinks are packed, pros and cons would be weighed to you by our team. So that you final packaging would still reflect your style and at the same time ideal for transit.

2.  Do you sell anything else aside from stainless steel sink?

Symbolsink is a one stop shop for anything related to stainless steel sink. Accessories such as customized stainless steel grids, customized chopping boards, and strainers are available. These accessories matches and are customized for our sinks. This makes your stainless steel kitchen sink procurement easier.

3.  How much sinks do i need to buy to fit a container?

The loading capacity of any containers vary on several factors. This includes packaging and sink dimensions. In most cases, there are various sink types and sizes that are loaded in one container. But don’t worry. Our team will calculate and provide the best layout that would maximize the loading capacity of a container. Therefore saving you a lot of cost in the long run.

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