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OEM Service

Our team provides well-rounded OEM services. We have been working with numerous prestigious brands and have successfully built long term partnership with them. Our sales and production team work side by side to fully satisfy your stainless steel sink needs. Sinks are marked, tagged, packed, loaded and delivered according to your specifications.

Quality Control

In order to ensure the quality of our sinks, Symbolsink team follows stringent quality control procedures, including constant quality checks. Each sinks are inspected after going through punch pressing machine and again after surface treatment. The finish products are inspected at random. 

The sinks must have 

- Smooth even brushed satin finish

- Made from SUS304, 18/8 chrome nickel content 

- Flat edges

- Centered and round drain

- Thick sound deadening pads

- Even and full undercoating

- Free from any deformity or defects

Quality Control of  Stainless Steel Sink.jpg