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Why Stainless Steel Sink Rust

Sep 18, 2020

Does stainelss steel sink will not rust forever? The answer is not exactly. Although stainless steel sink is resistant to rust, if you don’t maintain it in a appropriate way it may rust still. There are four situations may cause stainless steel sinks rust as followed:

First, in the new house decoration, there are iron filings and rusty water in the water pipe. When these impurities are stained on the surface of the sink and not rinsed off in time, rust spots will appear.

Second, long-term storage of iron items in the sink can easily cause rust.

Third, alkaline water and lime water splashing on the decoration walls can easily cause partial corrosion.

Last, the decoration causes chemical components in the atmosphere to chemically corrode the metal surface.

The above four situations are common causes of rust in stainless steel sinks. Have you made these mistakes?