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Why Stainless Steel Sink Rust

Apr 10, 2020

In the kitchen, we usually use a stainless steel sink to do the washing dishes work, but sometimes we may find that the stainless steel sink has rust spots.

Many people will wonder: how can stainless steel rust? What the hell is going on?

The following several articles will analyze the causes of stainless steel sink rust, how to correctly remove rust and stainless steel sink daily maintenance.

Why Stainless Steel Sink Rust

A. Water pipe impurities

When we are decorating or remodeling our kitchen, if the residual iron scrap or rust water which remaining in the water pipe wasn’t cleaned up on time after installing the stainless steel sink, it is easy to produce rust spots due to the impurities precipitate for a long time.

B. Decorate residue

When decorating a kitchen, the chemical coating may splash into stainless steel sink accidentally. Unfortunately, these chemical residue usually doesn’t discover and clean up in time after decorating. It is also possible to appear rust spot on the stainless steel sink after a period of time.

C. Food scraps

In the daily use of stainless steel kitchen sink, sometimes we pour residual juice or soup into the kitchen sink without cleaning timely, which is easy to cause the protective film of stainless steel surface destroyed, and eventually lead to rust.