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Why Choose Brush Finish For Stainless Steel Sink

Apr 16, 2018

Stainless steel sink comes in many surface finish options. Some likes mirror finish for its reflective and eye catching quality. Here at Symbolsink, we suggest brush finish stainless steel sink and here are the reasons why.


1. Resilient to fingerprints:  most people wants their home to represent the qualities of their family. This is why homeowners make sure that their kitchen is spotless and immaculate. Who would want to spend so much time trying to wipe of fingerprints which could immediately ruin the look of their kitchen.


2. Less Effort to Clean: Brushed satin finish is more resistant to fingerprints, water spots, and scratches. Any dirt on the surface can be easily swipe clean. It would require extra scrubbing like other surface finish.

3. Long lasting beauty: As brushed satin finish is very scratch resistant, its beauty will last long. Brush satin finish also has longer lasting luster.

4. Elegant Look: Brushed satin finish is just the perfect amount of shine and luster. This makes it look more elegant. It takes your attention yet it is not too much to the eyes.

Double Bowl Stainless  Steel Sink.jpg