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What’s The Difference Between Drawn Sink And Handmade Sink?

Aug 07, 2020

There are many ways to classify stainless steel sinks. According to different processing techniques, they can be divided into drawn stainless steel sinks and handmade stainless steel sinks. The difference between the two is as follows

First: The bowl of the drawn sink is punched out by the machine, not welded. So there is no welding circuit on the back. The manual sink is welded.

Second: Because the back of the general stainless steel sink is sprayed with anti-condensation coating, covering the welding circuit. So we distinguish from the front view. The radius of the pressed sink is relatively larger and looks smoother. The radius of the manual sink is relatively small, and the common ones are R10 and R15.

Third:Distinguish drawn stainless steel sink and fabricated stainless steel sink from the color. Handmade sinks generally have a process called "border line polishing", that is, the location where the structure intersects is polished. The drawn sink does not have this process.

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