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Underside Coating Of Stainless Steel Sink:

Jan 10, 2018

There are a lot of different colors and different materials of coating in the market. In fact, the main purpose of spraying coating at the underside of the sink is to prevent water droplet forming from the temperature difference and to protect the cabinet. Meanwhile, it can reduce the noise of water flowing. The moisture absorption is only a secondary function. 

Quick-frozen food is put into the sink or in the wet weather of spring and summer, because the temperature of the stainless steel kitchen sink is low, the water vapor will gather the bottom of the basin to form water droplets. The water droplets will make the cabinets wet. At the bottom of the sink, the sink is sprayed with a suitable coating which may reduce or even eliminate the temperature difference, and destroy the formation of water droplets. The high quality coating also has moisture absorption function to protect the cabinets from water flooding. However, the bottom of the basin in the market is mostly ordinary paint, not absorbing moisture and has little function of preventing the formation of the water droplets.

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