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Surface Treatment Of Stainless Steel Sinks

Nov 15, 2016

1. Pearl, it was also known as Pearl silver, Matt, Matt Pearl. Is formed by chemical surface treatment of electrolyte (to be blunt, and electroplating). This surface treatment in all production, process simple, technical content, and low production costs. Manufactured product prices were lower. Currently nearly 2000 in more than 90% the manufacturer fully produced by this technology. 2. scrub plane, also known as cinnabar. Uniform is made of fine sand hit the sink's surface at high speed, making it uniform surface to form a small Groove and subtle (look to the human eye), and increases the hardness on the surface of the sink, and enhanced scratch resistance properties. Blasting in principle equivalent to mechanical processing. This general requirements the thickness of the plate must not be too thin, solid-drawn tanks in this way more.