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Stainless Steel Sink Certificate :cUPC/CSA/AISI

May 15, 2020

When we buy stainless steel sinks, we often see merchants writing: This product has cUPC certification, or you will see cUPC, CSA, AISI logos on the merchant's catalog. What is the difference between these three signs?

UPC refers to uniform plumbing CODE, which is the certification of pipeline products in the United States; adding C before UPC means that this product meets the requirements of Canada, which is equivalent to CSA. cUPC is the authoritative certification of sanitary ware products in the North American market. The product range of cUPC certification is the pipeline sanitary products exported to the North American market.

CSA is a Canadian certification, and the degree standard is the same as the UPC standard. Many Canadian standards adopt American standards. Therefore, CUPC and CSA can choose to do one of them.

AISI refers to the American Iron and Steel Institute standard.

cUPC Stainless Steel Sink