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Stainless Steel Sink 101, Part 4

Dec 09, 2017

One of the hardest decision you need to make in purchasing a stainless steel sink is the number of bowls. Stainless steel sinks are available in single bowl or multiple bowls.

If you have a small kitchen, then look no further, pick single bowl sinks. Single bowl sinks come in various sizes. If you have a small kitchen, a great options for you are small bar sinks. It is functional enough to satisfy your food preparation and dish washing needs. Single bowl sink is also good for those who handles large pots and pans. A large single bowl can easily accommodate large amount of dishes.

Single Bowl Flat Apron Front Sink, AS-Z3320S.jpg

For those who likes segregating their dishes or preparing meals directly on the sinks. Double or multiple bowls sink is the best option for you. It allows homeowner to properly segregate the task it needs the sink to do. A great tool for those who multitask often or for those who are particular about their kitchen sink. The sink tastes bigger kitchen space, something you should consider as well. Make sure that you match this sink with a great faucet that could reach both ends of your sink.

33 Inch Undermount Double ss Steel Kitchen Sinks  ZD-3319.jpg