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Stainless Steel Sink 101, Part 3

Dec 09, 2017

Drawn Sink vs Fabricated Sink


Drawn sinks or fabricated sinks? Both sinks are highly functional. Both will lasts you a very long time. But they have a huge gap in terms of price. How do you know when to pick a drawn sink or when to pick a fabricated sink? It’s simple. You pick depending on the style of your kitchen.

Fabricated sinks are handmade. This type of sink is known for its luxurious look. If you are leaning more into fabricated sink, there are 2 things you should be mindful of. First, you should always check the quality of the welding. High quality sinks are welded by skilled craftsman. If the welding is not carefully done. The sinks will have rust in between the welding, which will ruin the beauty of your sink. Second, you should test the grooves. The trick part about producing and designing a fabricated sink is the grooves. If it is not bend properly water would not be drained properly and you will have to constantly push water pool to your drain. This will cause lots of additional work for you.

Undermount  Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks,ZD-3218.jpg

Drawn sink is the best option for those who are on the budget. Typically made by machines, this type of sink is more consistent in quality. Less room for error. Drawn sink can be highly functional and you wont have to worry about drainage.

5050 Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink, SS-3218.jpg