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Stainless Steel Sink 101. Part 2

Dec 09, 2017

After choosing the installation type of your sink. The next step is to choose the thickness of your sink. For North America, the thickness of a stainless steel sink is classified by a unit of measure called “Gauge”. The important thing your should remember is that the lower the gauge the thicker the stainless steel sink would be.

Stainless steel sinks typically comes in 18G. This is suitable for average use and is favored by contractors. As it is more affordable. Most 18G sinks are 1.2 mm thick. 18G is a good choice if you are on a budget yet you want a good stainless steel sink.

If you wish to invest on a sink or if you want it for long term use. 16G stainless steel sinks are great. The 1.5 mm thickness of the sinks makes it less prone to denting or deformity.

For those who are low in budget, they typically choose 20G sinks. Lots of topmount sinks are this thick. The thickness of the sink is an important factor that affects the quality of the sink. 

Single Bowl Undermount Sink.jpg