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Stainless Steel Sink 101, Part 6 : Undercoating and Noise Control

Dec 29, 2017

Whichever type of stainless steel sink you pick, whichever the thickness, no matter how many bowls you pick, all stainless steel sink requires a good undercoating and noise control. Even when you are satisfied with the appearance of your sink, the noise emitted by the stainless steel sink can still disrupt your home.


Let’s start with undercoating. Undercoating prevents condensation. This is needed especially during harsh weather conditions. Make sure that the undercoating is done evenly and thickly. It has to cover the bottom of the sink. Ask if the undercoating is odorless and eco-friendly. Some sink can trap strong odor inside the cabinet and a strong foul smell would emit every time you open the cabinet.


While using the sink, it is normal to make cluttering noises or the water makes a sound whenever it hits the sink. Without the right noise control system. Your whole house can be disrupted with typical kitchen noises. This is why you have to check if the noise deadening pads at the bottom of your sink is thick and large enough to minimize kitchen noises.

33 Inch Undermount Double ss Steel Kitchen Sinks  ZD-3319.jpg