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Stainless Steel Sink 101 Part 5: The Surface Finish

Dec 26, 2017


The surface finish of the sink can make much difference on the overall look of the sink as well as on its maintenance. Stainless steel sinks is available in so many types of surface finish. Europeans tend to prefers glossy polish finish as it immediately catches attention and its mirror like finish reflects how well you maintain your sink while Americans tend to pick brushed satin finish. However, the mirror like surface can easily show off scratch marks which can be a nightmare to maintain.


Brush satin finish is more scratch and stain resistant. To many consumers, brushed satin finish looks more elegant and luxurious. Especially when the grains are more refined. Symbolsink fabricated sink uses this kind of specialized brush satin. An advance technique and skill was used to make the sink more refined compared to regular brush satin finish. This finish makes the sink even more scratch and stain resistant.


When picking the surface finish of your sink. Make sure that you think long term maintenance of the sink. It is also important to consider how well the surface finish will match the overall design of your kitchen.