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Single Sink Or Double Sink?

Dec 08, 2017

Single sink or double sink? It is a problem that many people hesitate when choosing a sink. In fact, it's not difficult to solve this problem:

First of all, the first requirement for the sink is that the big pot can be conveniently cleaned in the sink. Under this requirement, if your cabinet is relatively small and the place can put the sink is small, you don't have to consider anything else, just choose the single sink. If your have a large space to put the sink, a double sink can also be selected . Then you can continue to read.

Next, what we need to consider is your washing habit. When you wash your vegetables, do you prefer to clean straightly in the sink or wash them with other pots? If you prefer to wash directly in the sink, I suggest you buy a double sink. If you like to use another basin to clean, then single sink would be a better option.

In addition, if you buy a double sink, you can use one sink to wash oily thing and the other to wash other things. Because the big operation space of single sink, the water generally splashing outside will be less than double sink..

That's all it is. Look at your habits. It's easy to choose.

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