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Quality Identification Of Stainless Steel Sink

Dec 01, 2017

The quality inspection of stainless steel sink is very important. The article will introduce some methods of how to identify the quality of stainless steel sink.

1. Thickness of the sink steel plate:

The quality sinks use prime 304 stianless steel plate with the thickness of 1mm, while the normal sinks adopt 0.5mm - 0.7mm. The difference of thickness can be distinguished from both weight and surface smoothness.

2. Anti-noise treatment´╝Ü

The bottom of the sink is sprayed  with coating and glued with rubber pad without falling off, which can reduce the sound of the water pulling down to the bottom.

3. Surface treatment:

The high quality sink's surface is smooth, the visual luster is soft, not adhering oil, cleaning easily and wear-resisting.

4. Inner edge treatment:

The inner corners of the high quality sink are nearly 90 degrees, the volume of the basin is larger than what we see.

5. The techniques of sink forming:

The integrated molding technology solves the leakage problems of the welding line corroded by various chemical liquids. The integrated molding technology is very important and has the high request to the material of the steel plate.

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