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Proper Maintenance of Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Jan 05, 2018

After the stainless steel kitchen sink is installed, proper daily maintenance is a key factor in determining how long the stainless steel sink will last. This article will introduce ten key points on how to correctly maintain the stainless steel sink, they are listed as follows:

1. Clean the stainless steel kitchen sink immediately after use, keep it dry, do not leave water spots on the surface of the sink. Because the water which contains high iron component will cause rust and the water with high mineral composition may lead to white film.

2. If mineral deposits occur at the bottom of the sink, the precipitates can be removed with diluted vinegar and then washed with water.

3. Do not allow hard objects or rusting objects to get in contact with the sink for a long time.

4.You can't leave rubber pans, wet sponges, or clean sheets all night in the sink.

5. Note that fluoride household products, bleach, food and cleaning products containing silver and sulphur and hydrochloric acid are potentially harmful to the stainless steel kitchen sink.

6. Notice that the gas released by bleach or chemical cleaners in the kitchen cabinet will corrode the bottom of the stainless steel sink.

7. If chemical composition or iron flux is in contact with the sink, the sink must be flushed immediately.

8. Don't put blisters, mayonnaise, mustard and salt in the sink for a long time.

9. Do not clean the sink with iron or rough objects.

10. Any wrong or incorrect cleaning methods will be harmful to the sink.


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