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Micro R Sink, The New Sink Hybrid

Dec 11, 2017

With the popularity of luxurious looking fabricated sink skyrocketing. More and more people wishes to have this luxurious sink in their kitchen. Yet for some, it is too pricey, forcing them to choose the more practical option. The market has a new contender which is the perfect combination of both drawn sinks and fabricated sinks. The micro r sinks. Micro r represents smaller radius. Smaller radius sinks mirrors the looks of a fabricated sink yet it still maintains the competitive price of a drawn sink. Micro-R is available in with or without grooves. Sinks with grooves looks even more similar to fabricated sinks while the sink without shows of more sleek and modern design. Micro-r sinks satisfies both your pocket and your desire to show off.

Handmade stainless steel sink factory.jpg