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Knowledges of Nano Titanium Plating

Jun 25, 2018

Knowledges of Nano Titanium Plating Sinks:

1. Etching any imaginable design patterns.

2. It can be used in interior decoration or outdoor.

3. Oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance.

4. PVD film resistance.

5. Corrosion resistance, chemical stability.

6. Acid fast.

7. In a regular environment, indoor or outdoor, antioxidant, non fading, non gloss, leaving no trace. Normal use will not be damaged.

8. Don't fade.

9. Easy to remove paint and handwriting.

11. In a strong sunlight, salty wetlands and urban environment, do not lose luster, no oxidation, no fading, no shedding and bursting.

12. The film has a wide range of colors, delicated and smooth surface, full of metallic luster, and will never fade.

13. In the sun, damp and other harsh environment, do not change color, do not fall off, stable performance.

14. Highly abrasion resistant, scratch resistant and scratch free.

15. It has a wide range of plating materials and strong adhesion to the substrate.