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Kitchen Sink Last Longer

Nov 15, 2016

1, immediately after use clean, dry storage, try not to let the water stay in the sink surface, because of the high iron content of water can lead to floating stitch, high water mineral composition of white membrane. 2, then appears at the bottom of the sink mineral deposits, can be removed with diluted vinegar and rinse with water.  3, can no longer contact with hard objects or rusty sink. 4, not the rubber mats, wet sponges or clean up all night to stay at the sink. 5, the attention of fluorine-containing products, bleach, food and silver clean and sulfur-containing cleaning products to sink potential of harms. 6, attention in the Cabinet of bleach or chemical cleaning agents to release the gas will corrode the sink bottom. 7, if the photographic chemicals or iron solvent in contact with sinks, you must immediately rinse the sink. 8, can no longer be pickles, mayonnaise, mustard and salted foods placed in the tank. 9, do not use iron or rough cleaning clean the sink.