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How To Pick A Good Stainless Steel Dining Table And Chair

Nov 15, 2016

1. focus on surface quality of stainless steel tables and chairs, buy stainless steel Dining chairs mainly to see the stainless steel plate is scratched on the surface of the table, indentation, bubbling, track defects. 2. focus on making quality of stainless steel dining table and chairs, Dining chairs are formed in the production of stainless steel stainless steel plate after cutting saws, decorative edge, component assembly combination of. Stainless steel dining tables and chairs look quality mainly depends on the quality of the CD saw, edge, surface quality and the quality of the port. Plates of plate parts in the CD saw the straight, vertical, angle has the quality requirements, in General sheet metal cutting saw blades technology within 0.01 mm per meter meets the accuracy requirements of the plate behind the CD saw profile formation, good angle, does not appear after the furniture made from plate tilt phenomenon.