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How To Maintain Stainless Steel Sink In Daily Life?

Apr 13, 2020

How to maintain stainless steel sink in our daily life? We have some suggestions as followed,

First, open the window to keep it ventilated

If the house decoration hasn’t finished after installing stainless steel kitchen sink, take note that it is very important to open the window and keep it ventilated, in order to avoid corrosive gas that sent out from decorate material produce oxidation reaction with stainless steel surface, and then cause rust.

Second, oil protection

For users who are not in a hurry to use, you can coat the surface of the stainless steel sink with a layer of oil, which is less likely to rust than the ordinary stainless kitchen sink.

Third, timely wipe dry

Rinse stainless steel kitchen sink with clean water after using, then wipe it to keep dry timely. Remember not to remain water droplet on the sink surface. Because the water of high iron content may result in brown red mark forming on the sink surface. Brush with scouring pad if water rust produce on the surface.

Four, avoid steel wire ball

When cleaning stainless steel sink, we had better do not use the steel wire ball, steel brush, lest scratch the bowl sink, otherwise stainless sink is more easy to rust.

double drop in kitchen sink