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How To Choose Stainless Steel Sink?

Mar 13, 2017

In purchasing a sink, the first thing you should consider is the depth, followed by the size. Check whether the bottom of the sink has undercoating, and pay attention to the following:

① Determine the size of the sink depending on your countertop, as sinks can an undermount or a topmount, the size of the sink would vary depending on the sink hole and installation.

② If you are choosing a stainless steel sink, make sure that the thickness is just right. Durability and strength of the sink is compromised when it is too thick, yet it could damage tableware if it too thick. Also check the smoothness of a sink surface, an uneven surface equivalents to bad quality.

③ For everyday usage, 20 cm sink depth can prevent water splashing.

④ Matte finish is beautiful and practical. But also carefully inspect the sink welding, it must be even and has no rust.