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Disadvantages Of Integrated Sink

Nov 15, 2016

Shortcomings a: because put several even more than 10 species products integrated to with, integrated sink than traditional sink "tall" many, while "weight" is belongs to "weight level players", relative Yu function sex products dispersed placed of messy, integrated sink will these function products concentrated in with, more reasonable using has space, save has customer looking for needs products of time, and let kitchen has has must of beautiful sex, integrated sink of installation need professional people for installation, customer himself installation will has must of inconvenience sex. Defects II: advance customization: is similar to traditional sinks in kitchen decorating when purchased, but integrates the sink before renovation program to determine if necessary to identify the product type, because not only involves the location space, also consider the circuit, water reserves, if not keep then you had to spare, but many users will need to consider before you decorate decoration are taken into account.