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Brushed Satin Finish, The Stainless Steel Sink Finish Champion

Jan 22, 2018

Most stainless steel kitchen sink found in North America has brush satin finish. It is offered by most seller for a reason. Let us first explore the different finishes available for stainless steel sinks.

1.Mirror Finish:

 This finish is extremely shiny, would immediately catch the attention of any person within the vicinity. It does not have any visible grains. People typically choose this for its beauty and stunning mirror like finish. The downside of this sinks is that it will easily show off any marks and scratches. This finish is less scratch resistant than others. It also requires more work when it comes to maintenance.

 2.Textured Finish: 

This type of finish can easily hides damage and imperfections. Scratches would simply blend in with the finish. This finish can be difficult to clean and maintain due to the texture.

3.Matte Finish: 

A type of finish that could also camouflage any imperfections and scratches. Not a lot of people like this finish cause it does not look as beautiful as the other finishes. This is preferred by those who wants sink which blends in with the background. Less stunning yet still easy to maintain.

 4.Brush Satin Finish:

 A type of finish known for its elegance. Brush satin finish has the right amount of allure. It is not too much to take yet it still draws attention. This finish is highly scratch resistant and easy to clean. It is easier to maintain its new like beauty. Sinks with finer grains are more scratch resistant and would also look more high end.

Whichever finish you choose for your sink. Stainless steel sink will still get the job done and will last for many years. 

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