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2018 Kitchen Trends

Jan 22, 2018

New year, new beginning. Everyone wants to start fresh with the new year and the kitchen is no different. Home owners decides to revamp their kitchen and their homes around the New Year to give them a fresh new vibe. Every year there are clear trends that takes over American homes, here are some of the clear and dominating trends for 2018.

1. Dark Countertops

For Years bright yellow tone countertops have been dominating our kitchens but this year homeowners are intrigues with mysterious dark counters. Dark color countertops exudes elegance and dramatic style of the kitchen. A very modern take on kitchen decor.

2. Mixed Finishes

Monochromatic kitchen is out and unique mix-and-match finish is in. More and more people choose unique kitchen looks that suits their personality therefore they pick variety of materials and colors to blend together and create a stunningly unique kitchen.

3. Darker Floors

Light and playful colors are chosen for kitchen walls and to give contrast to it, floors are now darker. Darker floors are easier to maintain and requires less cleaning work. This is suitable to modern families who barely have time for cleaning and maintenance.

4. Transitional Kitchen Decors

The blend of rustic and modern kitchen decor is trending and more and more likes this fusion. As they say, 2 things are better than one. Nowadays, you no longer have to simply stick to either contemporary or classic kitchens.

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