Undermount Apron Nano Titanium Plating Sink, AS-R3321S

Model No.: AS-R3321S

Overall Size: 33" x 21"

Bowl Size: 31" x 17"

Depth: 9"

Product Details

Specifications of Undermount Apron Nano Titanium Plating Sink, AS-R3321S

Model No                     



Handmade Sink , 10mm  Radius                                                                  

Overall Size

33’’ x 21’’

Bowl Size

31 " x 17"




SUS 304


16 Gauge, 18 Gauge


Nano Titanium Plating




Advantages of Undermount Apron Nano Titanium Plating Sink, AS-R3321S

There is a new power sink in town. Symbolsink uses a profound technology and is proudly introducing its newest nano titanium plating sink line. A set of stainless steel sink with vibrant colors and highly anti-bacterial surface. AS-R3321S has a metallic silver color, a sleek and contemporary design. Our nano titanium plating sinks have gone through stringent process to ensure its quality. This technology is new and has just began its development in the North American market. Be one of the first to introduced these exemplary stainless steel sink line.

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R10 Radius Corner

AS-R3321S 纳米镀钛 (21).jpg

Nano Apron Front

AS-R3321S 纳米镀钛 (24).jpg

Nano Titanium Plating

Nano Titanium Plating Sink Packing 

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 Leading Supplier of Stainless Steel Sink

Symbolsink is one of the leading suppliers of stainless steel sinks to North America market. High quality and stable delivery; these are our priority. Symbolsink ensures the stability and consistency of our work. We understand how new technology plays an important role in building our clients reputation.  This is why we always make sure that each and every single sinks is of great quality. 

Recently, we developed a new nano titanium plating sinks series. These sinks are not only unique for its color but also of its anti - bacteria properties that protects the health of its users. It is welcome to email us for more details.

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Do you offer samples ?


Yes .Samples could be offered for your reference.


How can I purchase your sinks?


Please choose your perfect item and tell us your size, quantity and packing you want.


What are the advantages of nano titanium plating sinks ?


Antibacterial, scratch resistant, rust resistant, fingerprint resistant, water repellent,stain resistant and oil repellent.