50/50 Black Nano Titanium Plating Sink, RD-3218B

Model No.: RD-3218B

Overall Size: 32" x 18"

Bowl Size:

                  14 1/2" x 16 " (L)
                  14 1/2" x 16 " (R)

Depth: 9"/9"

Product Details

Specifications of 50/50 Black Nano Titanium Plating Sink, RD-3218B

Model No                     



Nano Titanium Plating Sink , 10mm  Radius                                             

Overall Size

32’’ x 18’’

Bowl Size

14 1/2 " x 16" (L)

14 1/2 " x 16" (R)


9”/ 9”                                                                                                                


SUS 304


16 Gauge, 18 Gauge


Nano Titanium Plating




Advantages of 50/50 Black Nano Titanium Plating Sink, RD-3218B

Thanks to Nano titanium technology, stainless steel sink is now available in striking elegant jet black color. An eye catching beauty that maintains all the advantages of a stainless steel sinks and have added anti-bacterial properties. Symbolsink spent years developing and perfecting these nano titanium plating sinks. They are carefully processed and inspected to show off nano titanium technology’s full potential.

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Nano Titanium Plating Sink Packing 

package of stainless steel handmade sink .png

 Leading Supplier of Stainless Steel Sink

Nano Titanium Plating Sink Factory.jpg

Symbolsink is specialize in exporting high quality stainless steel sinks to North America market for years.  As one of the leading supplier of stainless steel kitchen sink  Symbolsik is well known for its ability to cater to the needs of prestigious brands .Symbolsink also  provide buyers with unique OEM services specifically to fulfill their retail and wholesale needs. 

 Recently, we developed a new nano titanium plating sinks series. These sinks are not only unique for its color but also of its anti - bacteria properties that protects the health of its users. It is welcome to email us for more details.




Can you provide OEM services ?


Yes .We provide well-rounded OEM services.


Which form of payment do you accept?


T/T payments are preferred.


What are the advantages of nano titanium plating sinks ?


Antibacterial, scratch resistant, rust resistant, fingerprint resistant, water repellent,stain resistant and oil repellent.

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