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Why kitchen sink rust?

Sep 27, 2018

One of the important reasons why we choose stainless steel sink as kitchen sink is because of its rust resistance. However, we sometimes hear voices complaining that their kitchen sinks are rusty. Why does your new stainless steel kitchen sink rust?


1. The rust may be caused by the welding, cement, or oil residue on the sink. If you don’t clean them in time, it can lead to kitchen sink rust.

2. The rust also can be caused by chemical, cleaning agent, paint, sauces or cooking oil left in the kitchen sink. These will lead to molds which stick on the stainless steel sink surface after a certain period.


1. Install kitchen sink after everything else is done, and clean it immediately after installation.

2. Clean your kitchen sink after every use. Try to remove dirt with warm water with or without a gentle detergent.

3. When there is rust or mold on your kitchen sink surface, use a scouring pad to remove them properly.