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why is kitchen sink clogged

Jun 11, 2017

1, pipe clogged

Coping method: If the water tank is clogged, the water pipe is closed first, and it is impossible to rush the impurities with water. For the foreign body at the drain, you can use the old toothbrush, wire and so pick out. The general water pipe can be removed, the demolition of the time to pay attention to the following put a sewage basin to prevent sewage stained cabinets. If the water is removed, if there are leaves, sludge and other debris can be hooked out with wire, if it is greasy plug, you can first pour into the hot water and then clear.


2, oil stains stains

Coping method: After rinsing the surface of the sink, sprinkle with small soda as a paste, according to the degree of oil smear and rinse clean. And then fill the sink with water, pour white vinegar, or fill the sink with white vinegar paper towels, wait half an hour after the removal of paper towels. And then use nylon sponge stained with soapy water, do the final cleaning for the sink.

There is also a way to use our daily leftover apple core to complete the cleaning job. The fruit cut, repeatedly rubbed the inner wall of the water, the apple core pectin can be a good way to remove the oil, suitable for daily use, both the use of waste and do not hurt the sink.

3, the mouth odor

Coping method: the problem is generally under the water pipes and leaks are not sealed, with electrical tape or glass glue seal on the line. And then pull the hose to the next pipe, at the end of the pipeline wrapped around a few plastic wrap, into the next water pipe.