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why do kitchen sinks have two bowls

Jun 10, 2017

At present, our market is divided into four kinds of water tank: ceramic sink, pure acrylic sink, artificial stone sink and stainless steel sink. The most common of the four kinds of sinks is the stainless steel sink.

Choose the appropriate sink size according to the kitchen space. The market floor of the sink with a single bowl, two bowls, three bowls and sub-bowl, the kitchen space is particularly small family can choose a single bowl, play the most basic cleaning effect, the kitchen space medium family can choose two bowls or child slot, You can do both clean and conditioning, kitchen space can be relatively large family can choose three bowls.

The reason why the integrated sink is designed for two reasons is because people find it more thoroughly in the process of washing or washing dishes with two launches. For example, the first dish with a cleaning solution to wash once, and then rinse with water. But to this operation, if only a single sink, it becomes inconvenient. If it is a double sink, then the dish, a sink for washing solution washing, washing into another sink water rinse, or after cleaning into another tank to drain the water, are very convenient. Similarly, in the cleaning of fruits and vegetables, clever use of double sink, also appears to be very convenient.