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which stainless steel kitchen sink is best

May 22, 2017

1, Material: To import SUS304 stainless steel plate The best, its characteristics are: environmental health, not scaling, do not absorb oil, often new; high temperature and impact resistance, SUS304 steel high temperature will not oxidize rust, the metal luster will not darken, thickness to 0.8-1 2mm appropriate. Too thin to affect the service life of the flume, too thick to lose the elastic damage tableware easily. Durable for up to 30 years.

2, Welding technology: The general part of the tank technology, bottom welding, butt welding and molding three kinds. Many people think that the integration of a good shape, welding as if not strong. In fact, this is a technical misunderstanding. Today's sink market, any two-groove depth of more than 18cm, are welded, SUS304 stainless steel plate properties, decided a molding technology, there is no way to make SUS304 stainless steel sink depth of more than 18cm "unless it is not SUS304 this kind of steel" this is very important, please pay attention to the selection of Ah!

3, sink depth: High-grade sink depth between 18 23c, cleaning volume is large, good use.

4. Bearing weight: The national standard stipulates that 100KG deformation is a qualified product. It is the detection of welding technology.

5, surface treatment and bottom spraying: the surface fine grain not more than 3.2 silk. Bottom two-layer water-based spraying to prevent temperature difference condensation.

6, water configuration: Environmental protection silver ion PP tube, sterilization, deodorant, not afraid of heat, unique material, can be durable.

7, the width of the sink: the width of the general trough should be the table width minus 10cm or so. The table size in the 50-60cm this characteristic, may draw the trough reasonable choice width should between 40-50cm.