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where to put faucet on 70/30 sink

Jun 10, 2017

Stainless steel sink manufacturers of stainless steel integrated tank quality and size of the standard, stainless steel sink manufacturers integrated sink high-grade design, perfect structure, the integration of the human design concept. Intelligent human control, storage of water more convenient, humanized overflow hole design, for you to avoid "water Jinshan" worries. At the same time the use of advanced de-magnetic art technology, non-stick oil, nice, economical and practical, careful care of your family's health, allowing you to use!


1, very good for the tableware, dishes and other utensils are mostly ceramic products, into the stainless steel 70/30 sink inside the rinse when the slight collision and vibration will not be affected, because the stainless steel is flexible, can offset a large force. And in the tank which is the tank in the tank mentioned in the cast iron sink, enamel surface, although very strong, but because there is no flexibility, bumps are inevitable, other quartz stone, ceramics,granite is also the same.

2, stainless steel corrosion resistance, in fact, the corrosiveness of water is relatively large, some friends will say how the water will be corrosive? Pure water does not have any corrosive, but our water contains a lot of ions, these ions through the water medium, very easy and iron and other metals to form electrochemical corrosion, although the cast iron sink is strong, but if the enamel layer is broken, then The water is easy to pierce where it is broken. Stainless steel due to nickel-chromium metal, corrosion resistance and other properties is very good, so it will not rust, not corrosion.