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where to buy small sink

Jun 12, 2017

Click on the picture to see more stainless steel small sinks and can also be purchased


First, the classification of stainless steel sink material

1,304 # Material Stainless Steel, 2,202 # Material Stainless Steel, 3,201 # Material Stainless Steel

The biggest difference between the above types of stainless steel material is the difference in corrosion resistance, 304 the best, 202 slightly worse, 201 times, of course, the price difference is huge. So please consumers must be sure to purchase when the business clearly, be taken seriously. It is best to have the manufacturer's warranty book. Note that SUS304 sumps are usually marked

Second, the surface treatment classification

1, pearl silver face, 2, matte drawing surface, 3, mercerized surface, 4, polished mirror

The above four kinds of processes have their own special points, of which the most popular pearl silver surface, the process is to use the first surface of the sandblasting, and then its chemical surface treatment, the surface of luxury, long and lasting. Mercerized surface has become increasingly popular, characterized by matte drawing process advantages and polishing mirror in one, the performance of delicate, mercerized as satin.