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when will canvey island sink

Jun 11, 2017

1, leaving the location. The number of sinks selected by each household is different. Therefore, the position of the sink should be the same as the volume of the tank. When ordering the table, the size of the sink should be informed of the size of the sink.


2, leading installation. Before installing the sink, the faucet and inlet pipes should be installed. When installing the faucet, not only requires a strong installation, but also the phenomenon of water seepage at the connection. Will be installed in advance on the faucet of the inlet pipe connected to the end of the inlet switch, the installation should pay attention to the convergence of the firm, but also pay attention to a detail, that is, hot and cold water pipe position, not about wrong. The overflow hole is to avoid the overflow of the sink to protect the hole, so when installing the overflow hole in the water pipe, pay attention to its seal with the tank at the seal, to ensure that the overflow hole of the water pipe itself does not leak. Filter the basket of water pipes in the installation, the main attention between the water pipe and the convergence between the tank, not only to be strong, but also to seal.

3, place the sink. After the installation of some of the functional parts of the tank is completed, you can place the sink in the corresponding position in the table, ready to start the next installer.