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what size single bowl kitchen sink

Jun 14, 2017

Stainless steel sink first appeared in Europe and the United States, China's stainless steel sink first appeared in Taiwan, the early 90s Taiwan businessmen to invest in the construction of the factory to introduce a stainless steel sink, early full of spring trough, the late Mullin sink.

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Guangdong region is also useful early 430 material (commonly known as stainless steel) production of small size of the sink, was known as the "Star Basin." The network said that in 1996 Olin first raised the concept of sink, which is rumors. In 1996, Mr. Xu Jianguang, a full-time dealer of the spring tank, began to invest in the establishment of Olin, producing the sink.

 If the kitchen at home is small, we recommend using a single slot. After all, stainless steel single slot, then there are many advantages:

1. Single-slot use of large space, the use of space to use the use of more convenient. Accounting for space is not large, small kitchen single slot more cost-effective Oh.

2. Install the stainless steel sink single slot, then the relative placement of things not so much for the use of the sink is generally confined to dishwashing dishes. In this case, the single slot has been enough, the other place the balcony or toilet sink can be relatively dual-slot or large-size single slot can be.

3. Usually stainless steel single slot size in the 635 * 560 * 200 or 520 * 370 * 200 are very good choice. And this type of sink price is relatively cheap 50-100 within the range and good quality of this part of the user is still acceptable.