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what is upc sink

Jun 11, 2017

UPC Chinese means the product is unified code.

As early as the late 1940s, Joe Woodland and Beny Silver began to study the use of bar code food items and the corresponding identification system equipment, and in 1949 Year won the US patent.

In 1970, the US supermarket AdHoc Committee developed a generic commodity code - UPC bar code (Universal Production Code). And successfully used the UPC bar code application system in 1976 in the US and Canada's supermarkets.


The sink is divided into ceramic, acrylic, quartz, stainless steel. At present, the kitchen sink is made of stainless steel, because it is more environmentally friendly, hygienic, easy to clean than other synthetic materials, not filth, no oil, no color, to ensure common as new. Second, it is wear-resistant, high temperature, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, rust, with a weak elasticity can protect the impact of tableware without damage. Stainless steel sinks are longer than other material cycles and are lightweight, easy to install and maintain.