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What is stainless steel sink

May 15, 2017

Using stainless steel as the production of raw materials for stainless steel sinks, after one stretch or welding the way of the main processing, and then surface treatment after the product of molding, used for the installation of the indispensable part of the cupboard, the final finished products used in modern kitchens as washing or washing dishes one of the indispensable tools.

Stainless steel sink material

1, 304# material stainless steel

2, 202# material stainless steel

3, 201# material stainless steel

The above types of stainless steel material is the biggest difference in corrosion resistance performance, 304 best, 202 slightly worse, 201 times, of course, the price difference is also enormous. So please customers to purchase must be advised to the merchants clear, beware of fooled. It is best to have a quality assurance book.

Surface Treatment

1, Pearl silver noodles

2, abrasive drawing surface

3, mercerizing surface

4, Polishing mirror

The above 4 kinds of craft each have the specialty point, in which pearl silver noodles most popular, its craft is to adopt the first to its surface sandblasting, then carries on the chemical surface treatment, the surface luxurious, the lasting new. Mercerized surface has gradually become popular, characteristic is set grinding sand drawing craft advantages and polishing mirror advantages in one, performance exquisite, mercerizing such as satin.


Single basin stainless steel sink

Single basin-type sink body large, choose more convenient, comfortable, so far in the market has a length of more than 900mm long pots. Modelling is also more luxurious style, of course, the price is more expensive.


Double basin Stainless steel sink

double-basin type most practical, generally many sub-mother Double basin, which is a main basin plus a auxiliary basin body, main basin washing, auxiliary basin for net bubble use.


Three basin stainless steel sink: 

Three basin Division of labor is clearer, its disadvantage is the basin body big, the big kitchen is useless.

Stainless steel sink with wing: 

with wing type sink in the domestic market is not very popular, but in Europe and the United States more popular.