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what is ada sink

Jun 10, 2017

In the hearts of most housewives choose some home appliances when the general will choose stainless steel appliances, we choose when the home appliances will choose to use stainless steel such appliances, then, stainless steel kitchen utensils in the end what advantage? Below by the stainless steel sink manufacturers to tell you about the advantages of stainless steel ada sink what?

1, anti-oil performance is good, and now the stainless steel ada sink will generally be treated on the surface, such as for drawing or grinding or other treatment, making the oil resistance is also better. And easy to take care, even if there is oil stains stained in the wall above the wall, with a warm water, with a cloth can be washed with a wipe away the sludge, very convenient.


2, high temperature, general stainless steel ada sink and hot water, hot pot and other dealings, good thermal conductivity, will not cause heat accumulation, it will not cause damage to the heat of glassware.

3, the cost is relatively low, you can mass production, in fact, these are the most important factor in business, like many friends have noticed the overall cabinet, the market is often a large brand of particleboard, because the particle board can facilitate the factory production and Long-distance transport, as well as convenient workers to install the master. The same is true of stainless steel, not only one can be stamping, and the process is mature, high production efficiency, relatively low cost, consumers also accept.

4, long life, stainless steel sink used more than ten years is a common thing, and bad time is not the first bad sink, often the sink faucet or water pipe problems, to repair replacement, you can continue for a long time.