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what is a 60 40 sink

Jun 14, 2017

Stainless steel sinks are an important part of the home kitchen and play a very important role in the kitchen, so we have to be very careful when we choose. If the purchase to bad sink will affect our use, at the same time to buy a good sink can also give us a lot of cost savings, so we in the purchase time to pay more attention to the choice of sinks, below bring everyone together to understand how to buy stainless steel sinks?

1, according to the kitchen Cabinet table width to determine the width of the sink, the general width of the tank should be the kitchen counter surface minus 10cm or so. At the same time according to the domestic kitchen counter size in 50cm This feature, you can draw the reasonable width of the trough in 43cm 48cm;

2, the materials used to SUS304-2B stainless steel plate is good, the material thickness is moderate, to 0. Imm. 2mm is advisable, too thin to affect the service life and strength of the flume, too thick to lose the strong sex easy to damage the washing tableware.


3, usually, the cleaning volume of a larger flume practical good, depth to 180mm better, this can effectively prevent splashing outside, at the same time, depth is also reflecting the importance of the level of the water tank, more than 18cm depth of the double trough tank belongs to high-grade products.

4, the surface treatment of the sink to matte and mercerizing for the beautiful and practical, not only the purpose of reflective, and can withstand the porcelain, tableware, repeated wear, cleaning convenient, commonly used as new.

5, according to the Chinese family's washing characteristic, chooses the big caliber, and uses the stainless steel production, with sets the garbage basket the best.

6, although the service is not a new word, but from the current trough market, we must have a national warranty is more secure.