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what is 18 gauge sink

May 21, 2017

We can choose from the width, thickness, appearance of stainless steel sink

1. According to the width of the cabinet counter determines the breadth of the tank, the general width should be the table width minus 10-15 cm.

2. When choosing stainless steel sink, the thickness of the material should be moderate, too thin will affect the service life and strength of the flume, too thick and easy to damage the tableware washed. In addition to the surface roughness of stainless steel, such as uneven description of poor quality.

3. Usually, the cleaning volume of a larger flume practicability, thickness to 18 gauge sink better, so as to prevent splashing outside.

18 gauge sink

4. Water tank surface treatment to matte for the beautiful and practical, the sink welding department to carefully observe, the weld must be evenly formed, no rust.

5. Beautiful appearance, reasonable design, with overflow mouth as well.