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what does 18 gauge kitchen sink mean

May 21, 2017

What are the criteria for a good sink? Stainless steel sink manufacturers summed up the following three hard standards.

Standard one: Good steel does not hang oil

In order to make the sink clean, many people are accustomed to using steel ball to brush. The sink is clean for the time being, but the sink is actually much dirtier. Because it is easy to hang the sink, the quality of steel is not so good, and then with a row of steel ball will be easier to hang dirty things.

Standard with: 304 steel plate

The best steel plate for making sinks is 304 steel. This kind of steel plate regardless of hardness and wear resistance is most suitable for kitchen use. Steel surface is particularly smooth, do not hang oil, do not hang dirt, do not need to brush the pot ball clean, with dishcloth is enough.

Standard two: Good water not return flavor

The kitchen sewer smells bad. In the sink some water can block odor, can be a long time, the sink easy to rust, the impact of beauty, this is not a long-term solution.

Standard equipment: Steel ball positioning, S bend pipe

The positioning of the steel ball is the key to drain the sink. The quality of the steel ball positioning is good, can quickly eliminate the sewage, to prevent odor on the back. The water pipe is another key to the sink to prevent odor. The design of the lower water pipe into s-shaped can reduce the return smell of the sewer. It is more perfect to go with the special bacteria removal process.

Standard three: good coating not damp

Many people think that the size of the sink is suitable, clean and convenient, not return to the taste of the line, but they just ignore a very important place, is the water tank moisture resistance. Now most of the sinks are embedded, if the sink is not moisture-proof, it is easy to damage the cupboard, a long time may also produce molds, endanger health. So do not ignore the water tank moisture.

Standard configuration: Moisture-proof coating

Although the sink is stainless steel material, will not water seepage, but the water tank in the outer wall is easy to produce water vapor condensation, these water vapor on the cupboard is a great threat, especially in summer. and a special coating on the outside of the tank can not only absorb the water vapor, but also reduce the noise caused by the collision between the waters and the sink.

The cleaning and maintenance of the sink is very important, we in cleaning up the time to be from these aspects to consider, first of all, we have to understand some of the rigid standards of the trough, this is our future in the selection of the water tank to follow some of the standards, for us to choose the sink after a great help