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what does 16 gauge stainless steel sink mean

Jun 13, 2017

16 gauge stainless steel sink Surface treatment There are several, what is different. Here is a combination of years of experience and the development history of 16 gauge stainless steel sink to talk about our views.

1. Stainless steel sink for pearl noodles

Someone also called Pearl silver noodles, matte smooth, pearl matte smooth and so on. It is made from the chemical electrolyte surface treatment (plainly, and electroplating is similar). This kind of surface treatment in all production, the process is the simplest, the technical content is small, the production cost is low. The price of manufactured products is also lower. At present, nearly 2000 of the country's more than 90% of the manufacturers fully adopt this process production. Many first-line brands also use this process to seize the low-end market. But this surface is the biggest flaw is not scratch, the surface is easy to use scratches, serious will appear coating shedding. So many scale companies are gradually replacing this process with other processes.

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2. Stainless steel sink for drawing surface

Also known as mercerized noodles. Is the use of a wire drawing equipment on the surface of the sink repeatedly pull system (equivalent to the machining of grinding machine). The surface is formed with a fine trace of silk, and the surface and its smoothness. Feel and vision has a very strong clear and force. Because it is directly brushed on the surface of the flume, the requirements for the plate are extremely high. Domestic plate wire Drawing sometimes has a small particle appearance on the surface to affect the look. As a result, most of the plates are imported.

3. Stainless steel sink with ruled surface

It is in the surface of the sink to press a regular pattern or directly using embossed plate compression (equivalent to the road pedestrian overpass on the use of the pattern plate), and then use the pearl surface treatment method for surface treatment. The visual effect of the surface of the surface is also good, but in the kitchen long-term lampblack will be in the pattern of fouling, difficult to clean.

4. Mirror Stainless steel sink

It is repeated polishing on the surface of the sink to form a mirror-like effect. This treatment does not apply to families in general. The use of the process and easy to form scratches.