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what does 16 gauge sink mean

Jun 14, 2017

Material factor of 16 stainless steel sink

The sink is good or bad depending on the use of stainless steel grades, stainless steel has many kinds of materials, of which 201 and 304 are more commonly used models. 201 Stainless Steel After treatment, you can achieve a certain degree of rust-proof function, but time will still have rusty problems, and 304 stainless steel is really not rusty. Therefore, the sink what brand good not only depends on its own brand, the material is more crucial.


16 size stainless steel sink detail processing

At present, the common bottom of stainless steel trough spraying material on the market is "paint" "slurry" "gouache" three kinds, the paint is poor environmental protection, the bottom seal is better; slurry environmental protection is good, is currently the majority of large-scale manufacturers of choice, but the material is poor weather resistance, the cost of gouache is higher, environmental protection is better, sealing anti-rust effect is also more ideal, but also can absorb and release due to hot and cold water and temperature produced by the bottom drops.

The rubber part, small factory or workshop manufacturers most of the choice is inferior rubber, the kind of rubber at present on the market is common, this kind of rubber to the customer's great harm, the main problem is poor quality rubber released formaldehyde and stupid harmful substances on the human respiratory system injury, so the price of the trough and the quality of the rubber is closely.