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what are undermount sink

Jun 10, 2017

Undermount Large Deep Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks 16 Gauge, SS-3221B


Stainless steel sink maintenance instructions

1, immediately after use, clean, dry storage, try not to keep the water droplets on the surface of the sink, because the high-iron component of the water will lead to rust, high mineral content of water will produce white film.

2, such as the bottom of the sink in the mineral precipitation, can be removed with diluted vinegar, washed with water.

3, can not be a long time to hard objects or rusty items and sink contact.

4, can not be rubber pad, wet sponge or cleaning film all night left in the sink.

5, pay attention to fluoride products, bleach, food and silver cleaners and sulfur, hydrochloric acid cleaning products on the tank have potential hazards.

6, pay attention to the kitchen in the bleach or chemical cleaning agent to release the gas will corrosion the bottom of the sink.

7, if the photographic chemical composition or iron flux contact with the sink, you must immediately rinse the sink.

8, can not be a long time bubble Lai, mayonnaise, mustard and salt food placed in the sink.

9, the outlet specifications are DN32 DN40, and some of the water inside the silk outside the difference between the silk.

10, there is a U-shaped bottom below the role of that is deodorant, insects. General U-bend has a repair port, easy to clean up the pipeline debris.