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undermount stainless steel sink installation instructions

May 20, 2017

Installation steps of stainless steel sink

1: The kitchen must have a stainless steel sink installation Place, in the purchase sink is to pay attention to its size, so as not to need to change.

2: First installs the faucet, will the gasket sleeve, the knob tighten, prevents the faucet to loosen.

3: In the 2 water preparation pipe tightening installation in place, and then install soap dispenser.

4: In the sewage pipe interface Daub Silicone, install the rubber pad after the coating silicone.


5: The discharge pipe in the middle of the stainless steel sink in the mouth of the overflow, with a screwdriver to the overflow nozzle in the sewage pipe fixed.

6: Install the bottom of the water tank, will be installed the stainless steel sink of the fittings on the table has been opened good mouth.

7: The rubber gasket into the sewage pipe interface, the sewage pipe 2 out of the interface to tighten, continue to install stainless steel sink pipe, the other part of the pipe in the main docking, will overflow at the outlet of the sewage pipe and the main docking.

8: With silica gel will sink and table adhesion, will be put into the water sink basket, water installation completed.

9: Stainless steel sink installation completed.