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undermount stainless steel kitchen sink single bowl

Jun 01, 2017

Stainless steel kitchen sink surface treatment There are currently 5 kinds: sanding (Drawing), sandblasting (Matte pearl silver noodles), polishing (mirror), embossed, Crystal shot. Among them, the scrub drawing basin is stainless steel, its advantages are the more new. Drawing, in fact, is grinding out with a grinding wheel, sandblasting of the basin, out of the effect is a pearl matt, its advantages are not oil, and very beautiful, it should be said that it is more oil-proof, but in the wear-resistant to the indentation and crystal shot; polishing, is the easiest to scratch the basin, looks good, with a long headache, the most ugly. So basically in the domestic no one used, embossed, the use of embossed materials made, but it is relatively high cost, it is very wearable. Crystal shot peening combines many advantages, so I think the ideal surface treatment method is crystal shot pill.