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undermount prep sink stainless steel

Jun 01, 2017

On the sink market, stainless steel sinks are welded to the overall stamping (also known as the overall tensile or joint tensile), rolling welding (also called bottom welding) and butt welding three kinds, rolling welding and butt welding are belong to the welding basin.

The advantages of the roll welding process are:

1, the Tank panel shape can be diversified, the factory production of mold input cost less (trough body mold can be shared);

2, the sink panel can be used wire drawing raw materials or embossed materials, beautiful and generous.

3, you can make a small slot in the angle of R, close to the square, with greater use of space.

The disadvantage of rolling welding is:

1, the welding process of stainless steel damage, easy to break the austenitic structure of stainless steel, reduce corrosion resistance.

2, welding and grinding process requirements are high, ordinary equipment is difficult to handle.

3, the material waste is big, the cost is high.

The advantages of the whole stretching process are:

1, saving materials, cost savings.

2, from design modelling can produce the special-shaped trough, beautiful and generous.

3, no welding, and the use of solid-solution treatment to enhance the performance of stainless steel.

Its disadvantage lies in: 

1, sink mold input cost is high;

2, surface treatment difficult, not easy to make embossing, drawing and other surface.

3, the slot of the R-angle by the process limit can not be too small.

On the welding process is stretched two single groove, each tangent two sides, and then the mosaic together, then the whole panel molding. The tensile equipment requires argon arc welding with the same roll welding sink and welding equipment. This process of welding and grinding requirements are also very high, domestic manufacturers using equipment is poor, the thickness of the material is thin, unable to handle the weld very well, it is often seen in the middle of two slots on the beam on the weld traces. Do a good brand has a Canadian crown, surface with a mirror is also difficult to see the weld. Domestic mainly for the low-end market use, low prices. The advantage is the low price, simple process;

Three kinds of technology complement each other, the mainstream of the two processes, in fact, in the design of the flume, some are suitable for the rolling welding process production, some are suitable for the overall tensile process production, for consumers to suit their own is the best.