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undermount kitchen sink 16 gauge

Jun 13, 2017

How do we maintain the undermount kitchen sink 16 gauge?

1, the retention of water will lead to the occurrence of mineral deposits, in this case, the use of a low concentration of vinegar solution to remove this kind of deposition, and finally clean thoroughly.

2, do not put lemon, sauce, pickles, mustard or other rich salt, or the food with erosive long time in the sink and the Panel, in order to prevent its corrosion trough, so that the appearance of flashing difficult to clean traces.

3, if the kitchen sink flashing "floating rust", "mildew spot", etc., you can use five clean powder or toothpaste coated in rust and spots, wipe clean with a dishcloth, do not use hundred-clean silk, grinding piece or polishing material to clean the sink.

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4, can not directly in the kitchen sink panel cutting food or chopping hard objects, to prevent scratching the sink or cause the shape of the flume change.

5, do not use hundred clean silk, grinding piece or abrasive material to clean the sink, as far as possible spared knives and forks, cookers and other sharp hard utensils impact the sink, to prevent scratches or touch the appearance of the sink.

6, do not put low carbon steel or cast iron cookware in the sink for a long time, also do not put the rubber washing dishes, moist dishwasher sponge or the rest of the cleaning mat left in the sink.

7, household products containing chlorine, bleach or food can hurt the kitchen sink, even in the cupboard, if the container containing bleach or chemical detergent open, then the gas or vapor from the air will also cause damage to the sink below.

8, in the installation or interior decoration, do not be made of low carbon steel, metal or solid material tools or other rusty objects placed in the sink or on it.