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Triple bowl stainless steel sink

Aug 22, 2018

Most people choose stainless steel kitchen sink from single bowl sink or double bowl sink. Indeed, these two types of stainless steel kitchen sinks have been able to meet the need of the majority of customers. However, there are still some people are interested in stainless steel sinks that have more than 2 bowls. Therefore, Symbol has developed a series of triple bowl stainless steel sinks, just take the following 4 sinks for example.

Triple bowl stainless steel sinks have 3 bowls that may in the same size also may have various size. The 4 sinks listed as followed has one thing in common, that is the middle bowl of the sink is distinctly smaller than the left and right bowls. If you are interested in triple bowl stainless steel sink, please feel free to contact with us.

Triple Bowl Stainless Steel Sink.jpg